About Us


Caribbean Fireworks has been doing business as since 2003. Together Kishor and Poonam Karnani have established a line of products and service unmatched in the industry. Each has over 20 years of experience in all areas of the fireworks business. From designing innovative new products, to supplying wholesalers and consumers alike with great pricing and exceptional performance, Kishor and Poonam know what sells and will bring satisfied customers back year after year.


Joining forces over a dozen years ago, their goal was to bring a different brand of fireworks that performed the best and at a price that could not be beat. They began with the Caribbean brand and have added Reaper’s Doom to the mix. Terrific graphics and outstanding performance are making these brands household names across the Caribbean. Their goal was to have a retail store in Oranjestad, Aruba that also housed their warehouse to build a wholesale business 2nd to none. Every year since their inception has seen significant growth in both the retail and wholesale departments. Currently Caribbean Fireworks ships to more than 12 countries with new destinations being added all the time. This is especially true in the last 5 years as sales have grown exponentially.


A new stores in the Caribbean, opened in different island. As has been the case in all of their endeavors, it is doing phenomenally well. This store coupled with the Pahrump’s continued growth provides proof that Kishor and Poonam original idea was correct. Provide great products, at great prices and treat every customer with unmatched service and you are bound to succeed….and they have.




Kishor Karnani grew up in the fireworks business. After nearly 40 years he has witnessed and/or tried many, many things. First and foremost is to be a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of pyrotechnics. Multiple trips to China, visiting dozens of factories and watching thousands of items perform year after year has given Kishor an unparalleled ability to choose only the best to put the Caribbean Fireworks logos on. Speak with any of the thousands of Caribbean Fireworks customers and you will quickly understand that quality is number one. Caribbean Fireworks brand ARE THE BEST YOU CAN GET!!!!


Come into either of our showrooms and you will see the difference. No one has a larger variety of fireworks which are always displayed in a clean and friendly environment. Our knowledgeable staff is there to serve you whether you are a retail customer buying $5.00 or a wholesaler buying $5000.00.


We work harder than our competition to insure you not only get the best and at the best prices but leave knowing you got more bang for your buck. Use our internet and social media specials, our special case pricing or our in-store bonuses to insure the best value in the industry. Our integrity and 100% guarantee, that all products perform as represented further testify to our desire to make every one of our growing customer base completely satisfied.