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By Rosalie Klein,

Eve and family celebrate a special birthday in Aruba

Howard Rappaport of West Orange, N.J. had a dilemma, what to give Eve, his wife of thirty-eight years, for her all-important sixtieth birthday? Some may think a woman may never have enough jewelry, but Eve was satisfied on that count, and she already had a luxury car, so he surprised her with the best gift of all, the gift of love.

A trip to Aruba is a great birthday gift, but for Eve it is so much more special than just a vacation, as she has a sister Rosalie that has lived in Aruba for twenty-five years and in all that time, they have never been able to share a birthday celebration. Eve would never want to be away from her daughters Debby and Judy on such an occasion, so the entire family including Judy’s husband Dominic and sixteen-month-old Matthew were invited to join them. Just to make it a real family reunion, Brother Joel and his fiancé Bella joined the crew and they
are spending the week together at the Radisson Resort and Casino. That is also a first, because even though both Joel and Eve have been to Aruba a number of times over the years, it has never been together.

Therefore, it was a very exceptional night at Le Dome Restaurant on Monday for Eve, Joel and Rosalie, being together for this special event, and it was an emotional moment for everyone. Choking back tears, she thanked Howard for being such a loving, thoughtful partner-in-life, while the family shared a champagne toast. Le Dome presented a beautiful, gala table and the staff gave the party of twelve lots of extra attention, making it a memorable birthday celebration. The evening ending with a mini-fireworks display from family friend Marcelo, and Eve admitted it was the most wonderful birthday ever, the perfect way to enter this new decade of her life.

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Events & Celebration

Events & Celebration fireworks

Events & Celebration fireworks

Happy 4th of July !
Fireworks Celebration at The Hyatt Hotel!

Here we go....Firepower once again for a Special Group from the USA..
Firework Display at Renaissance Hotel on June 16th!
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Enjoy from another angle...Firework display May 20th @ The Ritz Carlton!

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Tonight we Fire Away for a Group from the United States at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Aruba on May 20th...

Part of our Firework Show at The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino May 16th ...

1.2 Millon Shot Pagara!!! 

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